Trepassey Posse‚Äč



Is an annual overnight bike ride started in 2007 by a few local cyclists.

We usually ride in 3 sub-groups of 10 or so riders each with a support vehicle assigned to each group:

  • LEAD PACK (the serious riders ... 30 kph stuff ... arriving in Trepassey early to put the beer on ice);
  • MIDDLE PACK (cruising along ... 25 kph ... working hard but taking in the scenery);
  • CHASE PACK (we will get there ... 20 kph ... save us a beer and don't start supper without us!).

Don't worry ... you can change your group selection at any time ... just let your support driver know where you are!

This is an unsanctioned, unofficial event and you are totally responsible for your own safety. Ride at your own risk! There is no charge but you're responsible for your own meals and accommodations. Everyone brings enough ride snacks for themselves and others, and after the ride we share the cost of support vehicles, drivers and services. NOTE THAT WE HAVE A LIMIT OF 35 RIDERS WITH POSSE ALUMNI GETTING PREFERENCE. FEEL FREE TO SIGN UP AND WE'LL BE IN TOUCH TO CONFIRM YOUR SPOT SHOULD ONE BECOME AVAILABLE.